Why Roofing Shingles Curl

Shingles are among the most common roofing materials. But it is also fairly common to see roof shingles curling. When it happens, shingles curling doesn’t just look unsightly. They are a sign that it’s time to have your roof fixed before the bad weather hits your roof and causes more permanent damage. And in case you’re wondering, here is why roof shingles curl and some tips on what you can do about it.

There are different reasons for roof shingles to curl. It is possibly due to poor or improper installation, or sometimes your roof is already too old. But the main reason is poor ventilation.


How poor ventilation causes roofing shingles to curl

Roof ventilation systems have intake vents that pull outside air below your roof and vent them out to the top. The process ensures proper airflow for the roof to breathe and prevents moisture from building up. However, several homes, especially in the Ohio area, don’t have enough room for correct intake. As a result, dampness and humidity accumulate from the rising air that becomes stagnant because of the lack of ventilation. Moisture buildup causes molds to form and shingles to curl. Lack of airflow may also cause heat from outside and inside the house to get trapped in the attic. This resulting heat buildup is baking your roof from underneath and causing the shingles to curl.


Preventive Measures

Hiring a professional for your roofing installation, inspection, and repair is ideal for preventing your roof shingles from curling and ensuring that your roof will last as long as possible. JBL Roofing and Construction is an expert with over 25 years of experience in providing excellent roofing services. They can conduct roof inspections to check if there is proper ventilation in your attics, adhere to GAF CobraPro Intake Vent to ensure balanced ventilation, and comply with local building codes for optimal results.

Visit the JBL Roofing and Construction website and fill out their forms to schedule a roof inspection and let a pro handle your roofing needs.

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