Trail Lake Park

Trail Lake Park in Streetsboro OH

Trail Lake Park, a new park in Streetsboro, is now open to the public. It offers paved trails for hiking, fishing and communing with nature.

The Portage Park District acquired the property on the southern boundary of Herrick Fen State Nature Preserve. It includes a 30-acre lake, mature forest, fields, wetlands and a remnant early 1800’s railroad corridor. Refer to This Site for Additional Information!

1. Streetsboro City Park

Located within the Streetsboro City School campus, this park includes 116 acres of land and miles of walking trails. It features multiple playgrounds, sporting activities, and a picnic area.

Trail Lake Park is a new addition to the Portage County park system that is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. It will open to the public next month, and is designed for hiking, fishing, and communing with nature.

The park is home to two miles of paved trails, baseball fields, a sand volleyball court, fitness stations, a memorial tree garden, and a beautiful lake. It also offers numerous pavilions where you can relax with a drink or a picnic lunch.

The park is also home to a dog park. In fact, there’s a free Paws & Pals pet birthday party that you can check out this October.

2. Gressard Lake Park

The new Trail Lake Park in Streetsboro is a perfect place for hiking, fishing and communing with nature. It is located off Ravenna Rd, just west of Ferguson Road.

The paved 1.62-mile trail circles Trail Lake and features attractively designed signage that educates the visitor about foliage and animal life. Birders will love watching Osprey, Red-Tailed Hawks and Eagles gliding over the lake on their fishing expeditions.

As the trail reaches Promontory Point on the western edge of Trail Lake, it saunters over wide meadows with flowering plants and deciduous trees at the edges for wildlife protection. The property is also adjacent to Herrick Fen, a rare nature preserve owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The Portage Park District acquired the property in the late summer of 2017 and is working to make it open to the public. Executive Director Christine Craycroft said the land serves as an ecological buffer from development that could affect Herrick Fen. She envisions a walking path, fishing and perhaps a handicapped-accessible trail at the new park someday. Additional info!

3. Portage Park District

Portage Park District is a nonprofit organization that partners with local residents, businesses and communities to conserve important natural areas and create parks for public use and enjoyment. The organization also supports community development initiatives.

This 141-acre trail-side preserve consists of upland and wetland ecosystems. It connects to Bishop’s Bog, Schrier Park and Portage Creek via a wetland wildlife boardwalk.

Visitors can enjoy a hike or bike ride along the paved 1.62-mile trail that circles a lake. There are several amenities for visitors to enjoy including a fishing pier, boat landing and a picnic area.

The Park District has a small budget, but it does a lot of work on the ground to preserve and create quality parks and trails for people to enjoy. It uses grants, donations and a small tax levy to fund its work. It is a great example of how a public agency can work on a limited budget to do good work.

4. Ravenna Park

Located in Streetsboro, Trail Lake Park is opening to the public on November 6, 2017. This new park provides an outdoor recreation destination for those who love hiking and fishing.

This beautiful wooded ravine is a great place to walk, run, and play. It connects to Cowen Park, and is a great place to explore with friends.

There are lots of trails that run over little creeks that are dripping with rain water. The main trails are pretty easy to follow, but if youre looking for a more challenging route there are some steeper paths that run up the side of the ravine.

Ravenna Park is one of the city’s most popular spots for picnicking, running, jogging, and walking. It has two reservable picnic areas, playgrounds, and ball fields. It also has a wading pool and tennis courts. Check it out here!

Driving direction from JBLRC to Trail Lake Park

Driving direction from Trail Lake Park to Al Lease Park

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