Roof Leak Repair

Is One Shingle Really a Big Deal?

  Ignoring one shingle on your roof may seem harmless, but it’s important to remember that it’s a sign of damage and can lead to bigger issues if left unaddressed. One shingle may have come off due to a lack of adhesive, but it’s possible that other shingles are also damaged and could fall off…

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Residential Roofing Company Near Me

GAF HDZ Shingles

Aside from checking a roofing contractor’s experience and credentials, homeowners also need to pay attention to their choice of materials for their projects. Their material choice is often an indicator of the quality of their work. Besides, working with a contractor offering top-quality materials at the best possible deals and warranties always pay off. Unsurprisingly,…

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Damaged Roof

Five Common Roof Damage After a Storm

We all know that storms can damage roofs in more ways than one. So, inspecting your roof immediately after a storm is a must. It pays to know the common damages to get a better idea of what to look for and what you need to do to address them.   What to Look for…

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Residential Roof installing Service

Can I Put a New Shingle Over the Old?

One of the most common questions a roofer gets asked is whether homeowners can put a new shingle over the old one. The quick answer is yes, you can, but experts do not recommend it. Sometimes, the shingles are already blowing up because of age, installation, or brittleness. And while the upfront savings of overlaying…

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Roof Repairing Service

Why Roofing Shingles Curl

Shingles are among the most common roofing materials. But it is also fairly common to see roof shingles curling. When it happens, shingles curling doesn’t just look unsightly. They are a sign that it’s time to have your roof fixed before the bad weather hits your roof and causes more permanent damage. And in case…

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