Smart Home Exterior Renovation


At JBL Roofing and Construction, we understand the importance of methodical and strategic home renovation. Homeowners often ask us whether to replace the roof, siding, or windows first. Our expert advice? Always start from the top!

Why Begin with the Roof?

The roof is the most crucial element in protecting your home from the elements. When planning exterior upgrades, it’s essential to consider the potential disruption each phase might cause. Here’s why starting with the roof is best:

  • Protection for Other Investments: Roof replacements can be intense and potentially messy. Starting here avoids any damage to new siding or windows from falling debris.
  • Ensures Structural Integrity: A secure roof means a safer environment for handling other exterior renovations like siding and windows.

Following the Optimal Order of Renovations

After your roof is impeccably installed and the area is cleaned up, it’s safe to proceed with the siding and windows. This approach not only protects your investments but also maximizes the overall aesthetics and integrity of your home. Here’s the best order for a smooth renovation:

  1. Roof Replacement: Tackle the biggest challenge first to minimize risk to other areas.
  2. Siding Installation: Once the roof is secure, update your siding to further protect and beautify your home.
  3. Window Replacement: Finally, replace the windows to complete the transformation and improve energy efficiency.

Let JBL Guide You

JBL Roofing and Construction, we are equipped to inspect and enhance every layer of your home’s exterior. With our help, you can start at the top and work your way down confidently. Stay safe and keep building dreams with JBL at your side.

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