Sand Run Metro Park

Sand Run Metro Park in Akron OH

Sand Run Metro Park is one of the top places to visit in Akron. With over 998 acres of nature, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

During the summers, visitors can enjoy fun outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. In the winter, there are areas for sledding and ice skating. Refer to This Site!

North Hawkins Area

The North Hawkins Area at Sand Run Metro Park is a fun place to hike and play. There are wide-open soccer fields, picnic tables, and plenty of spots for sledding during the winter.

The Mingo Trail is a 3.2-mile one-way, with a loop, that takes you through some beautiful woodland scenery in the North Hawkins area. This trail is a great choice for those who want to explore the nature of Sand Run Metro Park without going too far out of their way.

Another cool thing about this area is that it has the spotted salamander. You can actually see hundreds of these colorful creatures crossing the road in the spring to breed. It’s also the home of the Dogwood Trail, which is a high-intensity 2-mile trail that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It has 20 numbered exercise stations to help you work up a sweat. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the time to check this out during your next visit to Sand Run Metro Park!

Old Portage Area

The Old Portage Area at Sand Run Metro Park is a great place to get some exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature. You’ll find trees blossoming, birds chirping, and flowers displaying rainbow colors.

This section of Sand Run Metro Park was established in 1929, but it’s been welcoming visitors for centuries. The land surrounding the Mingo Pavilion was a campsite for Mingo Indians and General Elijah Wadsworth made a camp near Old Portage in 1812.

Today, this 122-acre conservation area protects a key link to Portage Path, a Native American trail that ran along the Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas rivers before becoming the western boundary of the United States. This area is also home to beavers and many amphibian species.

The jogging trail in this part of the park closes on nights when spotted salamanders migrate to the area for mating. This wetland is a highly productive breeding site for salamanders, as well as spring peepers, wood frogs and American toads. Additional info!

Lone Spruce Area

The Lone Spruce Area is a small and easily accessible section of Sand Run Metro Park. This area has wide open soccer fields, picnic tables and plenty of places to sled in the snow during the winter.

The area is also the starting point for the 6.1-mile Parkway Jogging Trail, one of the most popular trails in the park. This trail is also a great place to find some of the more unique elements of this 998-acre park.

This park has been a go-to destination for residents and visitors alike since its opening in 1929. It is a nature lover’s paradise that features the best of what Summit County has to offer at all times of the year. In addition to offering numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, it also provides a variety of educational programs and tools that help home owners within the watershed reduce stormwater runoff into the park.

Portage Path

When you visit the Portage Path at Sand Run Metro Park, you’ll find plenty of jogging and walking trails that will help you get some exercise. The paths are safe, accessible and well maintained. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while you’re on your way!

In this area, you’ll also find wide open fields that are great for sledding during the winter. You’ll also have access to plenty of places to picnic, play soccer, or just relax.

You’ll also find a jogging trail that crosses the Sand Run River. This stream isn’t as pristine as it was thirty years ago, but the water flowing over this little fall is healthier than ever before. This is a testament to how the Summit Metro Parks district is working to improve our rivers and streams. Click for more!

Driving direction from JBLRC to Sand Run Metro Park

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