Matching Old Shingles: How JBL Roofing Can Help


As a homeowner with an older roof, you may be concerned about replacing damaged or missing shingles, especially if you’re worried about finding a match. But fear not, because at JBL Roofing, we have resources and expertise to help you with that.


Our professionals can come out and inspect your roof to see if there’s a possible match for the

shingle, or if we need to suggest an alternative solution. We can find out the exact color, manufacturer, and size of the shingle and come back to you with options.


Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any roof problems or concerns, regardless of the age of your roof. Our team of experts is always up for a challenge and will provide you with a full report of what’s going on with your roof. If you’re not sure whether you need a new roof or just need some repairs, our free assessment can help you decide.


Here are a few highlights of why JBL Roofing is a trusted, professional team:


  • Old or damaged shingles on a roof can be a challenge to replace, especially if the homeowner wants to match the existing shingles, but JBL Roofing has the resources and expertise to find a real match for a shingle, including the color, manufacturer, and size of the shingle.
  • If a match cannot be found, JBL Roofing can provide alternative solutions for the homeowner.
  • It’s important to have professionals like JBL Roofing assess the condition of an older roof to determine any potential problems and offer solutions.
  • JBL Roofing offers free assessments to homeowners, providing a full report of the condition of their roof and any recommended solutions.


Contact JBL Roofing for a free assessment of your roof’s condition and potential solutions for any problems. Visit their website at for more information.

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