How to Spot Roof Damage after a Storm?

For most homeowners who have experienced some strong winds and heavy rains lately, it becomes second nature to check the roof condition as soon as the weather permits. You may not always be lucky to have kept your roof intact after a storm, but the least you can do is repair it immediately to prepare for the next downpour.


How does one spot roof damage after a storm?

Some roof damages are more noticeable than others. For instance, almost anyone can spot the following signs of roof damage:

  • missing or damaged shingles,
  • leaves and tree branches hit on the roof,
  • big hail damage, and
  • visible cracks


However, not all roof damages are apparent to the naked eye, especially when you have newer shingles that are cleaner. Thus, it is better to have a trained professional go up your roof and inspect it for signs of damage. Experts will know what to look for and help you spot and repair inconspicuous roof issues before they can cause permanent damage to the structural integrity of your home or give you headaches in case of another storm.


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