How to Patch a Roof

So, you realize that there’s a leak in your roof. Perhaps the damage is because of a recent storm, or maybe it is merely worn and torn. If you’ve read this blog about cheap roof fixes and why they are not a good idea, then you probably know having an expert handle the repairs is the best option.


But exactly how do roofing contractors patch a roof?

The answer will all depend on where the leak on your roof is. When you contact a professional roofer like JBL Roofing & Construction, the first thing they will do is inspect it thoroughly. Their keen eyes and over 20 years of experience will allow them to assess the roof condition properly, locate the source of leaks, and determine the most suitable course of action to address the problem.


For a roof that has valleys and wall crevices where water can get into, if you got a leak on the wall, potentially, the roofer will have to tear the wall apart when they do the flashing. Because you will never know where the hole is or the extent of the damage until you tear it apart.


For up-and-over ranch roof types, you may have a leak around the soil stack or heat stack. Or maybe a nail popped up through the decking. It is relatively easier for roofers to patch a roof that requires them to pull a shingle, replace, and seal it. They only have to be careful when doing the patching.


Whether patching a roof or doing a more thorough repair or replacement, JBL Roofing & Construction can definitely do them right for you. Check out to learn more, or contact them for their services.

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