How Many Nails to Use per Shingle?

Homeowners, especially those living in areas where thunderstorms hit hard, know how important it is to ensure that the roof is in ideal condition to guard the property against all types of weather. It could be frustrating to see shingles getting blown off by strong winds. Perhaps the shingles are due for replacement because of old age, but maybe you or your roof contractor can secure the shingles better. If you’ve ever asked how many nails you need to use per shingle, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to answer just that. 


The Industry Standard


Most roofing contractors and shingle manufacturers consider using four (4) nails per shingle as the widely accepted industry standard. Using less than four nails for shingles will cause you to void warranties. However, you shouldn’t settle with just the bare minimum for your roofs, especially when you live in areas frequented by storms and strong winds. 


The JBL Roofing and Construction Practice


JBL Roofing and Construction is a GAF Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor. They know how critical it is to have well-placed nails to ensure top-performing roofs, so JBL Roofing uses a minimum of six (6) nails per shingle and offers a 130mph warranty for the roofs they install. Because JBL uses six (6) nails driven through the nail strip and another six (6) nails for the next layer of shingles above it, ultimately, each shingle installed by JBL would have about eight (8) to twelve (12) nails on them. 


But it is not just the number of nails. JBL Roofing and Construction also uses the best quality nails suited for the required application. And they have top-notch craftsmanship and experience to nail every roofing job. 


Clearly, every nail counts for roofing projects. So, always hire a roofing contractor you can trust. Lucky for you, there’s no need to look further. JBL Roofing and Construction is always available. Visit the website or call them to discuss your roofing requirements today! 

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