GAF HDZ Shingles

Aside from checking a roofing contractor’s experience and credentials, homeowners also need to pay attention to their choice of materials for their projects. Their material choice is often an indicator of the quality of their work. Besides, working with a contractor offering top-quality materials at the best possible deals and warranties always pay off.

Unsurprisingly, the family-owned Northeast Ohio roofing company, JBL Roofing & Construction, uses top-notch materials like GAF HDZ shingles for its projects.


What are GAF HDZ Shingles, and what makes them great?


GAF HDZ shingles are high-definition shingles; they have the most strikingly vibrant colors to make your roof and home more attractive. There is also a wide range of available colors to choose from, so homeowners can surely find an excellent match for their property.


But the appeal of the HDZ shingles goes beyond their arresting appearance. GAF HDZ shingles are top-class roofing materials; these products are algae and stain-resistant. They are also great for high winds and hold up well when installed on roofs of houses in areas with as high as 90mph winds.


But perhaps the best things about working with JBL Roofing & Construction and getting GAF HDZ shingles are the warranties. There are other more affordable but good-quality GAF products that come with a 10-year workmanship warranty. But because JBL Roofing & Construction is a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor, they can offer the GAF Timberland HDZ shingles with the Golden Pledge Warranty.


What is the JBL Roofing & Construction’s Golden Pledge Warranty for GAF Timberland HDZ Products?


The Golden Pledge Warranty is like the Rolls Royce of warranties in roofing. The capacity to offer this warranty is reserved only for the select few GAF Certified Master Elite roofing contractors, and JBL Roofing & Construction is one of them. The Golden Pledge Warranty covers 100% of the GAF Timberline HDZ products and labor for 50 years, and the workmanship for warranty for 25 years! Isn’t that amazing?


The fact that JBL Roofing & Construction can offer this warranty speaks volumes of the quality of their service and their confidence in their workmanship.


You can check out more details of the Golden Pledge Warranty and the GAF HDZ shingles that JBL Roofing & Construction use for their project at And while you’re there, also try the virtual remodeler that allows you to visualize how the different colors of roof shingles would look on your house.

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