Embrace Modern Roofing Solutions with Advanced Shingle Technology


At JBL Roofing and Construction, our extensive experience has allowed us to witness the incredible advancements in shingle technology over the years. Earlier, we commonly used three-tab shingles, which, while popular, often lacked durability due to the insufficient tar used to hold them in place. Over time, temperature fluctuations would weaken the tar, causing the shingles to become loose.

However, modern roofing technologies have brought about:

  • High-Definition Shingles: These provide superior protection even in high wind conditions, as evidenced by our own homes that have withstood 80 mph winds without losing a single shingle.
  • Algae Resistance: The presence of algae-resistant components in newer shingles helps prevent unsightly algae growth, especially in homes surrounded by trees or in areas with significant shade.
  • Dimensional Shingles: These are made of double laminate, making them considerably more robust and longer-lasting than traditional three-tab shingles. They can easily last for 35-40 years.

Not only do these improved shingles provide superior protection, but they also enhance your home’s curb appeal with their superior aesthetic quality. However, to make the most of these high-quality shingles, you need an experienced team for installation.

As seasoned professionals, we at JBL Roofing and Construction have the expertise to install these shingles on your roof flawlessly. Check out our website for more information and insightful videos that can help you understand the roofing process better.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and take the first step towards a sturdy, attractive roof today!

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